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canton jones

"Dominionaire" (2011)

Already Gone lyrics - Canton Jones (feat. Donnie Harper)

[Verse 1:]
I'm in a zone and I'm already gone,
And it's already on, should've already known
Act accordingly, you're in Rome
Game gotta nappy head, gotta get get my comb
Don't smoke but I still stay stoned
Ain't high off chief and budda
I'm high off Thank you Lord, Praise you Jesus, Hallelujah
And we call this soldier worship, what's it to ya
Wanna hear him say well done
Not depart from me, I never knew you
That's why I put my heart, mind, and soul in each and every song
You say I'm doin music, I say I'm droppin bombs
I declare war, it's on and poppin
And stopping is not an option, so there's nothing that we need to discuss
We call this the takeover, be careful cause all your friends and family may already be rolling with us
Soon and very soon, and that ain't long
When Jesus is gonna come and take us home
You runnin out of minutes like a cell phone
And if you are just showin up, look here I am

Already gone, I'm already gone
I'm already gone, I'm off in a zone
I'm already gone [x2]

[Verse 2:]
The enemy's a coward and I see his knees are knockin
Just because you're yellin on the track, don't mean the train is stoppin
You can either join us, step aside, or get rolled over
I see the curtains closing, show's over
Gotta let that light shine brighter than a super nova
Days gettin darker, nights gettin colder
But I'm the type to tread on a cobra
And take authority over the 31st of October
Told ya, I'm outta here, I'm on another level
And yo, Christians fight other Christians
Cause they don't want to fight the devil
And you tryna kill yo brother but the devil's killing you
Man, why don't we just unite and make ten thousand out of two
I don't care, I got some friends in there, I got some kin in there
So I take authority like I am a Dominionaire
And make sure his love is shown, whether you think I'm right or wrong
You're just talking to yourself because you don't realize I'm


[Verse 3: rap]
Yeah, come closer come close
I know you see me physically but really I'm a ghost
No ice cream, no soda, still I'm a float
You're lookin at a star but it's the Son I promote
So listen, I'm not the one you want to provoke
Cause I gotta weapon that will anybody back in their place if they thinkin they can take me for a joke
No way you'll catch me not livin by the words that was wrote
In the book of Life, that alone got me gone in a zone
So all you see around me is smoke
Can't nobody break my concentration, quit wastin valuable time
If you think I will come down buddy then you're outta your mind
I'm on a spiritual high, just by lookin at my life you will find
That I never stay down, my progress is always on the incline
Let me tell you what you better do, realize we're ahead of you
And this is not our home
Kind of difficult to get in where you fit in
When you're at a place you do not belong
You know that I know that you know that I cannot be wrong
When I mention that I'm in another dimension and


Big lyrics - Canton Jones (feat. Messenja)

Cause greater is He that's within me, than he that's in the world, world, I, I
I feel so BIG right now, yo, yo, yo, I feel so BIG right now

[Verse 1:]
I just feel BIG, not as an over weight
I'm like a soldier king ready for the over take
They say I'm just a man, well I might be
But I serve a Big God, you don't want to fight me
Look at me with your eyes and you're askin is there more
Look at me in the Spirit, bigger than a dinosaur
In case you didn't know, I just make a sound
I got Angels just lookin for a battleground


[Verse 2:]
I apologize, I talk big noise
But I'm never alone, my angels be some big boys
Big love, big faith, and some big joy
Still ridin through your hood on them big toys
No weapon formed will do no harm
That's why we're on jet skis in the middle of the storm
God loves me and I believe
That he will take care of everyone of my needs


[Verse 3: rap]
Big man walkin, cause I serve a hero
Look like Kevin Heart, feel like Debo
Add up all my loses, still get zero
I took the devil's lunch and his bag of cheetos
Got a big God in me, look like sumho
Gotta do a Cadillac, I can't do a two door
Call him Miagi, I'll be Laruso
Bonzai player, game over, uno


Window lyrics - Canton Jones

I see a window over your head [x3]
And it's pouring out blessings

[Verse 1:]
You've been in a season of difficult lessons
Trying to do your best in this economic depression
As long as you try you will survive
Your friends and family cannot help you
And even in your struggle they need help too
You'll be ok, I just wanna say that


[Verse 2:]
I see a window open, you've been copin, you've been hopin, you've been prayin
Now it's your hour, blessings falling like you're standin in the shower
It's hard to believe it, gotta give some away cause it's hard to receive it all
You break down, you cry,
Is it Christmas in July, nah
Breakthrough, miracles now you gotta tell it
Big ones fallin, I think you need a helmet
Yeah, didn't quit but you stood instead
And a blessing just bust you in the back of your head
Oh, Oh there goes another one
Give your mommy, daddy, sister, and your brother one
You're a believer the doubt is over
You're a receiver the drought is over


G.O.D. lyrics - Canton Jones

Some call him Papa, some call him Jah
It's whatever yo, He's my star so
I call him G.O.D. [x4]

[Verse 1:]
It's simply amazing, all that He's done for me
And how He set me free, gave me the victory
Cause you know me and how I used to be
I could've been dead, somewhere in the street
But now I'm a church boy, work boy
Some call Him Jireh, cause He's a provider
Some call Him best friend because He's a rider
He's on the inside of me, one God in the holy trinity
That's why I say

Some call him Papa, some call him Jah
It's whatever yo, He's my star so
I call him G.O.D. [x4]
Some say He's the man upstairs
Who will be there no matter when or where
I call him G.O.D. [x4]

[Verse 2:]
God is my joy, and the strength of my life
He took away my pain and took away my strife
And gave me a wife and gave me a life
And gave me salvation and his Son paid the price
And now I'm a grown man cryin,
Cause I get choked up when I think about an innocent man dyin
But because of that I don't have to fry
So I'll serve G.O.D. till the day that I fly, say


[Verse 3:]
Jehovah Jireh, God my provider
Jehovah Nissi, you reign in victory
Jehovah Shalom, you're my peace
I call Him G.O.D., I call Him G.O.D.


In Da Club lyrics - Canton Jones

They done let them Christians in the club
Oh my God! They done let them Christians in the club [x8]

[Verse 1:]
Oh my God, look at all these Christians in the club
Look at all my fellas showin love
We done bought the bar, not what you think exactly
Tell the bartender we servin virgin daquiris
I wanna party sober, and I get a buzz off this music
Get high off the spirit, when I feel it, can't lose it
Atmosphere is crazy, everybody feel the same
And man if you ain't feeling this than you a certified lame
I came in the name of the one who sent me
Pulling up clean in an all black Bentley
Close the door gently, step out stuntin
We done covered all charges so everybody comin
Long line outside, be patient, no skippin
Extra police incase people start trippin
Leave your gun home and put your dope away
Cause you don't really need all that to party anyway

Oh my God! They done let them Christians in the club [x8]

[Verse 2:]
Can't stop em so you might as well join em
Christians walkin round acting like they're club owners
Even the DJ is with them Christians
And when he yells "Switch!", every Christian switches
Man, you either want to be one or be with one
And, You're trying to figure out just how to get one to come
And talk to you, have a conversation All these Christians in the
Club, tell me what's your hesitation
I see two over there, and three over there
And four in the back with their hands in the air
Unified, got much power
Laughin and giggling like it's comedy hour
My God! They done let them Christians in the club
And them Christians is talking to them thugs and showin love
And them thugs is askin and wonderin, they tryin to see
Where the party's gonna be the followin week, now we gone see

Worshipper - Urban Mix lyrics - Canton Jones

[Verse 1:]
They see me smiling when I hit the street
And laugh with everyone I meet
They see me calm when trouble comes my way
Cause I know that it will be ok
And every single day I wake up, I lift up my hands and I praise you
Cause I know that you will give me life to live
And then, grace and mercy follows so I can do the will
And I'm happy, but to some that's a mystery yeah

They don't know that I'm a worshipper
And they don't know that I'm in love with you [x2]

[Verse 2:]
They ask me what is a successful man
It's the man that will give you his hand
And you do whatever you want to do yeah
Cause your love will always bring him through
And every single day I wake up, I lift up my hands and I praise you
Cause I know that you will give me life to live
And then, grace and mercy follows so I can do the will
And I'm happy, but to some that's a mystery yeah


Now, worship is my attitude every time I wake up
On my knees, hands raised like I'm a victim of a stick up
But, I love to do it, that's why I'm praisin
And if you ain't praisin, then you so crazy
Worship has kept me sane
If every man was a dog, then he kept me trained
Allows me to smile in the midst of the pain
Dear God my umbrella in the midst of the rain
And so the coolest thing in the world to be
Is a man that's in love with the GOD
He, she, me cool with the worship
You know me brother
Weddin band left hand, pinkie ring on the other
I'll worship in an elevator, worship on a respirator
Worship in front of my haters, candy worship now or later
Or in a pair of jeans and a button down
In the suburbs or we can take it down town


You Have My Heart lyrics - Canton Jones

You have my heart
In the good times and the bad
When I'm happy and I'm sad
You have my heart
You have my heart no matter come what may
I won't be ashamed to say, that you have my heart

Oh you have my heart
And no matter where I go, I will always let it show
That you have my heart
And in all that we go through
I will always be with you cause you have my heart

Necessary lyrics - Canton Jones (Remix feat. Ramona Estelle, James Fortune)

[Verse 1:]
My praise is always necessary
It comes first not secondary
And I'm bold, He saved me and made me whole
Now I love him
When it comes to praise, gotta let go
Can't hold back and I can't say no
He deserves all my praise
I will praise him the rest of my days
Lord God, Almighty
I praise you, You're holy
Yeah, You're God of all nations
And I make this declaration

Praise is necessary, Praise is Necessary
Praise is always necessary [x3]
Praise is... my, my, my, my, my

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, praise You for the things You've done for me
Yeah, now let's celebrate, got victory
Now I can praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the noonday, praise Him all through the night
And I will never stop lifting His name higher
Every single day because He set my soul on fire
Move these shackles like Mary, Mary
And know my praise is ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-necessary


[Verse 3:]
Oh, praise is necessary,
No matter what, it's necessary
In any situation, it's necessary
In any circumstance, it's necessary
When I'm happy, it's necessary
When I'm sad, it's necessary
When I'm mad, it's necessary
Praise is necessary

Praise is necessary, Praise is necessary
I lift my hands cause you deserve it
I lift my voice, I won't with hold my praise

That Devil lyrics - Canton Jones

If anybody see that devil tell him I'm after him [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Tell him I'm gone get him
And I'm a get everybody with him
I can't stand you devil
You done took it to a whole another level
Wish you were here right now
I'd punch you dead in your eye
I got the Father and the Son
And the Spirit so devil you better run


[Verse 2:]
You done got something started
Trying to touch my body
Want me quit, can't now
Messed with the wrong saint now
In the name of Jesus
For all the believers
We gonna hunt you down
Beat you down to the ground


[Verse 3:]
One for the Father, two for the Son
Three for the praise, I call it my holy gun
Four for the word that won't come back void
Five cause the devil tried to steal my joy
He tried to cause sickness, disease but
We declare healing and ease yeah
And my friends don't like you
And even my momma want to fight you

[Chorus x2]

Beautiful lyrics - Canton Jones

Hey beautiful, you're beautiful [x4]

Has anybody ever told you that you're beautiful
And maybe you just haven't heard in a while that you're beautiful
Has anybody ever told you that you're beautiful
Or maybe you just haven't heard in a while that you're beautiful

[Verse 1:]
And now I need you to know that you are really special
You are really beautiful to me and
I want you to know just how I feel
Even when you smile you brighten up the room
God had to take his time when He created you
You're one of a kind
I want you to know you're beautiful


[Verse 2:]
You're beautiful on the outside but you're even more
Beautiful on the inside, words cannot describe
How I feel when I'm with you
You bring me joy and I want to be the one to
Return that joy and I don't want nothing from you
It's unconditional, you're what I've been searching for
And I want you to know
That I think you're beautiful


I think you're beautiful [x8]


All About The Kingdom lyrics - Canton Jones

[Verse 1:]
Gorgeous, confident, high self esteem
Don't have to depend on a man to buy her things
She got her own job and got her own car
And she ain't Hollywood but I promise she's a star and
She ain't into drama
Elegant for the limo ride and still ride shot up in the Hummer
She's in her career and she takes life serious
But still can take a joke, Eddie Murphy delirious
Oh my God look at her style, Oh my God look at her smile
And I ain't seen one like this in a while

She was all about Kingdom, yeah, yeah, yeah
And that's what I need
She was all about Kingdom, yeah, yeah
And you already know what it is [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Nothin like a Kingdom woman
You can't take them for a dummy
I got Kingdom in my family from my wifey to my mommy
Seen them run Day cares, State fairs and do Hair
Be careful how you treat her cause mommy's a Paralegal
A Nurse, a Student, a Model and a Marine
And still all about Jesus, the finest I've ever seen
Proverbs 31 girl, if there was a 32
Guaranteed it would have been written about you
Oh my God look at her smile, Oh my God look at her style
And I ain't seen one like this in a while


[Verse 3: rap]
She at the first service, be at the church serving
For certain, she knows she fly in them designer skirts and
Purses, the shoes and she choosing the Word
Win and never losin, confidence oozing
Don't get it twisted cause she ain't in to no confusion
God in her every movement, she's superhuman
Proven, Kingdom chick
That ain't a rumor, type you want to wife
And take her back to rule Zamunda
And all the petty stuff she don't participate in
Up early am, everyday prayin
Kingdom, hear it all up in her conversation
Whether she's in the street or up in the congregation


When I Ride lyrics - Canton Jones

Worship when I ride, worship when I drive
Pull the top back, worship when I ride [x2]

[Verse 1:]
I'm doin a hundred in the benz, ridin with my friends
We cryin, repentin for our sins
Yo, we tryin to make it in
Know we gone win
Pourin out the gin
Mr. Officer said pull over to the side
Walke up to us then he broke down and cried
He felt the Spirit in the ride
Gave us a warning, then we led him to Christ


[Verse 2:]
Ridin north on 85, four deep off in the ride
We saw an accident pushed off to the side
Witnesses say the car started to slide
Crossed over lanes and somehow they would collide
We started to pray in the name of Christ
That if any were dead that You would make them right
Jumped out the car and the people looked surprised
Cause the girl they thought was dead had just opened her eyes
That's why I


[Verse 3:]
And You're Holy [x4]
And You're righteous, righteous
We cry Holy, Holy
Oh, I like to


[Verse 4:]
And You're Holy, Holy
You're righteous, righteous
And we worship, worship [x2]
I like to worship when I ride, worship when I ride
Pull the top back, pull the top back

On The Run lyrics - Canton jones

I'm on the run and I can't look back anymore
No more [x5]

[Verse 1:]
I'm on the run right now
I'm chasin my destiny
And if you ain't runnin with me
You best not get next to me
I don't confess to be the best
You see, I'm just tryin
To make this world a better place and stop Mommas from cryin
In this world of hurt and pain, I'm sort of a medic
And my medicine is Good News so yo, I'm gonna spread it
East coast, west coast, worldwide, dirty south, international
That's where we're going
And I can't stop this mission until the trumpet is blowin


[Verse 2:]
Why do people dislike you
Just because you're tryin to win
You put all your heart in it
They act like you commited sin
And then when you find a friend
It's like here we go again
No, I'm not perfect
But a true friend is oh so genuine
You just got to run when you're misunderstood and
You just got to run when it don't feel that good
Just keep fightin, keep growin, keep runnin and don't get tired
Keep trustin, believing, keep prayin, keep climbing higher


[Verse 3:]
I'm on the run, Can't turn back yes
I'm on the run, gotta reach my goal
I'm on the run, and victory is mine
I'm on the run, I gotta keep running
No matter what it takes, let's go, let's go
I'm on the run, I'm on the run

[Chorus x2]

I'm Fly lyrics - Canton jones

I believe I'm fly, but I can't be my flyest without you
And I believe I shine, but I can't shine my brightest without you
I love you [x8]

[Verse 1:]
Take a look at me
You that I'm fly
I'm only terrific cause I got you in my life yeah
Man I gotta say it twice
I'm only terrific cause I got you in my life see
You make me better, promise you'll never, ever, ever, leave my side
Cause you are, you're the reason I'm so fly


[Verse 2:]
So much trouble in my way
I gotta cry sometimes
You still tell me it's ok, wipe them tears from my eyes
And I thank you for your help
Couldn't make it this far all by myself
So many tried to take the credit from you, but they can't
Say they the reason I do what I do but they ain't
And I love you so
Cause you taught me everything I know


Ok you fly, you got it goin on but
Man you ain't come this far by yourself and on your own
And I know you think you're grown but you need to pick up the phone
And show a little love to the family back home and
Show appreciation to the ones that put you on
Knew you for you alone and kept your hair combed and
If you don't do that then I think you dead wrong and
I know you got some paper, does that mean your head's gone
Ok don't be headstrong
Keep people out your ear like headphones
They'll have your mama pickin head stones
Keep God first and bring your bread home
Don't forget to pray
And yo, when he answers, just do what he says
And you'll be straight, man I'm proud of ya
Me and the fam out in the crowd, screamin loud for ya
And you're so fly
Go do what you do
Cause people like you are the reason I do what I do

I Am lyrics - Canton Jones (feat. Richie Righteous, KJ-52)

I am nothing without Jehovah
Try to hide it but it's obvious like a comb over
Nah baby, can't do it, can't take them chances
Life is more to me than smoking and drinkin, exotic dances yeah
Get plugged in, Jesus is the bright light
Make your colors show kinda like a light bright
Ready set go, push the button
With God I can do all things
Without him, absolutely nothing, nothing

You are I AM and I am cause You Are [x2]
I Am, You Are, You Are, I Am
You Are, You Are, I AM

Yo, It's K-J to the 5 T, W, double E-Z-I-E
That's who I be, so when to find me
You got to show him all the time
Kinda like it's I.D.
Cause He's the one who gave my peace
So get the blood transfusion like it's I.V.
Show I can show him off
Kind of now in High D
Efinition what I mention really got me IRIE
So what I speak is for the cause of Him
Stand out like the hair on Kate Goselyn
He paid the cost of men, for the cost of sin
It's finished, take the towel, you can toss it in
He got knocked out of Friday like it's Debo
And came back to win it all, Tim Tebow
We need to line up, it's kinda like a free throw
Sign up for the service like it's Tivo


We are not strong cause sin deceived us
We are wimpy kids, we got the cheese touch
And the only one who can free us is Jesus
That's why He gets the credit just like some visas
Into His love I crash just like some cymbals
I am goin in just like a dimple
He is so complex, I am so simple
He sort of like an IPad, I am a kindle
My weather forecast is always the same
Cause every single day, Jesus Christ reigns
And the sun shines, He's sort of like a nine
Aimed at my head, yeah the Lord blows my mind
There is no match, nobody's on par
You're like my phone company, You gave me these bars
I walk among lions like Belteshazzar
I am what I am because of who You are Superstar


I am nothing without You
You put super on my natural
Oh and every trial, every test
I win every battle and conquest

He Reigns lyrics - Canton Jones (feat. Erica Cumbo)

He reigns, got to tell everybody
From the mountain top to the valley low
He covers the world with love
And He's too good for you not to know
Does every little thing in His power
Just so you can clearly see
That He wants the best for you
He throws your past way in the sea, see
But what kind of Man you know with authority to change the weather
He calms the storms and takes our cares
He'll make you light as a feather
If you know that He's God on high
Then go ahead, put your hands together
Stand on your feet, give him a shout
Tell the world that He reigns forever

[Verse 1:]
I will sing about it, shout about it
That He reigns forever, tell the world about it
For His wondrous ways, we will give You praise
And He reigns forever till the end of days
Dominion and power it all belongs to You
You gave us Your love and we give it back to You
We give You honor, we give You praise
And we declare Your Glory, let the nations say

He Reigns [x10]

[Verse 2:]
He sits upon the throne, let the earth rejoice
Cause He is holy, I will lift my voice
He made the heavens, He made the sea
And out of the dust of the ground made you and me
For He's the God of my salvation
Will give you peace in any situation
We give You honor, we give You praise
And we declare Your Glory, let the nations say


His Majesty, the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings
I love Him and I want to tell the world about it
Got to shout about it, got to tell the world [x2]


Be Healed lyrics - Canton Jones

[Verse 1:]
He was wounded for our transgressions
He was bruised for our iniquity
The chastisement of our peace was upon Him
And with His stripes we are healed
Bless the Lord oh my soul
And forget not all His benefits
Who forgiveth all my iniquities and
Who heals all my diseases

In Jesus' name be healed
If you have faith yeah, be healed
It's yours, it's yours, be healed [x2]

[Verse 2:]
I believe that You healed the blind man
And I believe that You cleansed the ten
I believe that You made the lame walk
And I believe that You raised the dead
And I believe You're the cure for cancer
And You can heal HIV and AIDS
I believe that You can do all things
Cause by You all things were made

In Jesus' name be healed say
Back pain, heart disease
No matter what the problem is be healed
Migraine headaches, asthma be healed

Now, just receive it
I need you to stretch your faith
It's your now, just believe it
Nothing is impossible, No
Just receive it, now unto Him that is able to do
Exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or think
I believe it in Jesus name

Be healed, be healed
Arthritis, high blood pressure be healed
Seizures, deafness be healed
Blindness, sickle cell be healed
Hey, just receive it
He's still a miracle worker
He's still an awesome God
Just like the woman with the issue of blood
Just like He healed the blind man
Just like he raised the little girl from the dead
He can heal you, sickness don't have to kill you
With God, you can receive it
I dare you receive it by faith
It's yours, hallelujah, yeah
It's yours, no matter what the problem is
He can make a way [x3]
No matter what it is, eh
Somebody say, be healed
Yeah, be healed
Now unto Him that is able
To do exceedingly above all you can ask or think
Be healed, hallelujah
He can raise the dead, got all power in His hands
In the name of Jesus be healed

A Mother's Prayer lyrics - Canton Jones (feat. Edna Jones)

All of your trust is in the Lord. Your habitation shall be a place where you will rest in his love and no evil shall befall you. I say that in that place you'll find hope, you're going to find faith, you're going to find love, you're going to find strength in that place in God. I say that God is going to restore your soul even in a trying time. I say that He is going to bear you up. He's going to hold you up. He's going to give you strength. You shall not fall. You're not going to dash your foot against a stone. You're not going to trip, but you're going to stand firm. I say that God has given you a creative and a very powerful mind so that you can walk out the purpose and plan of God for your life. I say that you have a promotion in the Spirit realm as well as in the natural realm. I say that you abide in the favor of God. I say that God puts you out front. I say that the favor of God is resting upon your life. I say God will give you a fresh anointing. He's going bless you, He's going to bless your ministry. He's going to bless your work. He's going to bless everything you put your hands to do with good results. I'm telling you, I say that the Lord is pleased with you. That He has placed his name upon your forehead and He calls you by his own name.

Hallelujah lyrics - Canton jones (feat. Deitrick Haddon, DPB, Mr. Del)

Hallelujah [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Dear God I give You all the Honor
I give You all the praise
And I will give You the Glory
For the rest of my days
I lift up my hands
And I lift up my voice
And I'll shout it on the mountain
I'll make Jesus my choice
Lord we invite Your presence, have your way
And let Your glory fill this place


[Verse 2:]
Baptize me with your fire
All over my body
I'm walking in Your Glory
So I can reach somebody
Had fortune and fame
But that couldn't fix me
I was walking in chains
Till You Holy Ghost hit me
These are the last days
Our days on earth are numbered
Church, we got to keep moving
No sleep, no slumber
We got to keep fighting until the last breath
Got to let the world know there's life after death


[Verse 3: rap]
Can you see it, can you see it
Can you feel Him
It's His Glory, standing before thee
Got to tell the story
Like I'm standing up on Maury, Povich
Not gonna sugar coat it
Jesus made me Holy, I'm hittin the streets boldly
I'm telling them what They told me
Hold it, getting thick
Are you listenin,
People dreaming dreams, prophesying, having visions
Revival breaking out, have them crying in repentance
Thousands on foot, doing hood street missions
So listen

Glory, Halleluj,
How it do, what's the deal ah
Cooking up another
With my brother on the real ah
Comin in the presence and the Glory
Bout to fill ah
Actin like you're hard
But you're softer than chinchilla
When the Holy Ghost
Takes control of your body
Jeremiah fire got ya feelin lodi dodi
Couldn't keep it to myself
I had to tell somebody
Now I'm reppin my Jehovah
And I'll never say I'm sorry
When I step up in the gates
I got to give Him thanks
When I enter in His courts
I got to give Him praise
I ain't worried bout a thang
Cause I'm walking in faith
Move mountains with my mouth
I believe what I say, hey
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
When I think about His goodness
It's just doin something to ya
So excuse me miss
I'm about to get my show up
And do my Holy dance
Off of praise in advance, Hallelujah